Alternative Dispute Resolution Support Services/ Arbitration & Conciliation, Facilitating for Lok adalats

Resolution Support
Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) provides a viable option for those who prefer to stay out of court. Arbitration and alternate dispute resolution has many potential advantages for litigants.

It ensures expeditious disposal without any mental stress with efficient results in reduced cost. In recent past, Lok-Adalats have become a preferred forum to settle disputes.

We provide support services in terms of facilitating to arrange for Lok-Adalat with no procedural burden on client. We also provide services for resolution of international and domestic disputes between parties by Arbitration/ mediation.

We have team of experts from various fields, such as law (advocates, retd. members of H’ble Bench, jurists etc.), Banking, Insurance, Management, Commercial contracts, family law, engineering, software and medicine etc.